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Makeup Tutorial - 9 Steps to utilize Make-up - A Shimmer Face

The shimmer face utilizes dewy foundations with iridescent and metallic pencils and cr�mes. It is also among highlighting and shading without having to use typical contouring products. Here, you can easily see in which the light hits your face and the ones areas come forward because of the reflective qualities in the makeup. - Balloon Centerpiece

Also, don't necessarily consider this (or any other face) in term of daytime or evening. It's all regulated a matter of application and desired effect.

 Using concealer (as long as necessary), spot-touch the facial skin to even squeeze skin.
 Apply highlighter lotion towards the face with fingertips or foundation sponge.
 Apply an incredibly light application of liquid blush to cheeks and temples, blending well using the fingers or round sponge.
 For your eyes, focus on the warm-toned dark brown eye pencil. Blend in to the upper lashes and smudge with your eyeshadow brush.
 Next, the burgundy cr�me eyeshadow is used within a circle across the eye with all the eyeshadow brush, leaving the darkish pencil darkest on the lashline. Blend outward within a circular direction.
 The pale beige shimmer powder eyeshadow is brushed about the brow bone. (Incidentally, no brow pencil was applied because of this photo.)
 Black mascara will be placed on the superior lashes, burgundy mascara to the bottom lashes.
 After lip pencil can be used to define the form from the mouth, add utilizing the same.
 Shimmery pink lip gloss is then applied as being a completion.

For oily complexions use matte foundations and powders, then highlighting "powder" to make a shimmery, and not greasy, look. - Royal Purple Wedding